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Operate the Expedite 8909 or 8905 from Windows XP and other modern Windows operating systems like Vista or Windows 7

Validate XP allows you to control your Expedite synthesizer from the newest Windows operating systems and can use a standard serial port with a Telebyte RS232-RS422 adapter or a USB port with a USB to RS422 adapter cable. No more internal ISA or PCI board!

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Sequence Loading

Works With Newer PC's

Converting your old Protocols

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To purchase a Validate XP License See the link to the right, or to purchase an Adapter online click the link below.

USB to RS422 Adapter Cable
Faster, Helps Compensate for Slow Expedite Communications

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Here's How Validate XP, Trial and registration Works!

  • Request a download of Validate XP Here 

  • Install Validate XP on your PC and use the original communication "Sealevel" interface card or use a Telebyte adapter (purchase above) to connect to the Expedite. The new Telebyte adapter allows you to use a common 9 pin serial port to connect to the Expedite RS422 network. You can purchase a Telebyte adapter from the link above. NOTE: the telebyte adapter requires a special cable that looks like a CAT5 Ethernet cable but the wiring is different.

  • Try out the software for up to 30 days

  • Contact us Here if you have any questions during your trial period.

  • Once you are satisfied with the software, use the link above to purchase a license for the software. We will then supply you with a special unlock code so the will continue to work beyond the 30 days.

  • Check back with us for future upgrades. Development of the ValidateXP software is continuous and we get most of our best ideas from users. If you have any suggestions on how to make ValidateXP better, Contact us.

All versions of Validate  including Validate XP offer the same easy to use graphical interface for Sequence and Protocol loading, initiating and monitoring the synthesis on up to eight different instruments. 

Utilize your original protocol editor to maintain your protocols. Original protocols or the custom protocols you've developed over the years still work with ValidateXP ! Your old sequence files are compatible as well. 

ValidateXP has many advanced features that allow label printing and Certificate of Analysis generation based on actual run data. Automatic Sequence Statistics are calculated during sequence submission and printing.

The software tracks all synthesis parameters and stores the parameters in a database format that is compatible with most database, spreadsheet and word processing software programs.

Sequence loading  

Validate XP is fast when it comes to loading a run. Sequence loading is performed by either clicking on a column image or dragging and dropping a sequence file from a common directory listing onto a column image or instrument image. The system responds by displaying {flashing} the type and color-coded column that should be physically loaded onto the synthesizer. When the column is loaded and all reagents are checked a simple click is all it takes to initiate the run. The progress of the synthesis can be checked at any time by moving the cursor over the column image or instrument image of interest and the full status will be displayed.

If a trityl monitor is available, trityl histograms can be displayed at any time by a single click.

Validate Works with Newer PC's

You do not need an adapter to install and operate Validate XP if you are presently using the old PC software that came with your Expedite. Both, the original Expedite PC Software and Validate XP use the same port and cables to connect to the Expedite(s). However, in a lot of cases, users have upgraded to Windows XP or Vista and find that the old software does not work or that their old computer fails and that when they purchase a replacement PC they find it does not have the old ISA slots that the old communications board (sea Level) plugs into. So in these cases we utilize a Telebyte adapter which converts a standard RS232 (9-pin comm port) to the type required by the Expedite(RS422). If you purchase a new computer you should make sure that it has one of these standard comm ports. Be aware, many new computers do not have a standard Serial port and have substituted USB ports instead. If you only have USB ports on your new PC we have a solution. Purchase a USB to RS422 adapter from the link above.

Converting Protocols and Protocol editing

ValidateXP software uses the same protocols from the original Expedite PC Software. Users just need to export them, in binary form, from the original software to make them available to ValidateXP. You will also still utilize the original Expedite PC software to edit your protocols and that functionality is preserved with the old software even if you use Windows XP.


Follow these steps to convert a protocol,
Install the Expedite PC software (the original PC software that came with your Expedite) onto you new PC. You can just copy the entire Expedite folder over a network to the new PC or use diskettes or CD rom. You will want to get all the subdirectories because this is where the Expedite database is and it contains all the protocol and sequence information. You wont be able to use this software to communicate to the Expedite, but the protocol editor will still work. You may need to configure the system to “Run in Windows 98 mode” to run the software on the latest Windows software, or it just may work. 

Run the Expedite.exe program. This normally would communicate to the Expedite, So you will get errors. and there's a bit of a delay when you first start the software but once it opens to the main screen use the Export function under the Files menu. Select the protocol files type to see a list of your saved protocols. When you select the file and export it , It will create a .PRO file. This is a binary form of the protocol and the Validate XP software can read this file and transmit the information to the Expedite. You can repeat this process as many times as you need to export all the different protocols that you’ve created.

If you need to edit your protocols you can do this by running the ExpPro.exe program. Edit you protocols and save them and then export them with the EXPEDITE.exe program. The protocol files can be stored in any folder for easy access by ValidateXP

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